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Composite Charts: The Astrology of Relationships John Townley relationships with other people, when you get Composite Charts by one of Composite Charts : The Astrology of Relationships by John Townley Free PDF d0wnl0ad, audio.
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The Solar Writer Synastry Report includes information on each individual's own relationship influences 7th House planets and Venus , as well as synastry aspects between all ten planets, the Ascendant, Chiron very important in relationships! This lovingly illustrated report includes four sections on individual relating traits, personal issues in the relationship, primary forces in the relationship, and generational values.

It is designed primarily for intimate relationships. From Conflict to Compatibility Before you get involved in an intimate partnership read this report! Based on methods employed through years of working with relationships of all kinds, observing them and analyzing the lives of the famous and infamous, this report gives you perceptive insights that can save you years of time wasted in conflict. This report describes the CORE patterns of relationship analysis-- the first step to discover and define areas of compatibility and potential conflict between individuals.

These basic points of contact are analyzed to arrive at an interpretation of what is central for a strong relationship or for one that teaches something of importance and leaves a lasting impression. Composites 4 - 2 Report A composite chart is an astrological technique that has become very popular in modern times for a good reason-- it works! When you are a partner in a committed relationship, your relationship takes on a dynamic of its own, and this is the Composite Chart.

This report gives you an in-depth interpretation of your partnership by interpreting your Composite Chart.

Relationship Astrology

Why is your relationship different now than when you first met? Find out in this informative report! Simpaticos Composite Report Simpaticos is written by Bernie Ashman, one of the best astrologers writing today. Your Simpaticos Composite report starts with an overview of your relationship and then examines the aspects and influences that make relationship unique.

It even answers questions about soul level connections. John Townley Composite Report This comprehensive Composite Report, written by John Townley, who literally wrote the book on Relationship Astrology, reveals the patterns of any relationship. All relationships become their own entity with their own dynamics, and Composite Astrology is a fast and accurate way to identify and understand the patterns you create--together.

Composite Reports are highly recommended for couples. That is the Sun of the composite relationship chart you share, and it is the placement of the Sun for your composite analysis. You can do it for your combined Ascendants if you have the time of birth for each of you , and for the Midheaven , the Tenth House. Once you calculate all the above, you have a very detailed chart of the relationship you share with the person in question. You can obtain the degrees of the planets, which you can get from an astrological ephemeris, and which lists the daily movements of the planets, either online via the Internet, through a search engine site by typing in "ephemeris astrological listings," through requesting an ephemeris through your local library, or buying one at a bookstore.

Please be very aware that a composite chart does not replace an individual astrological chart analysis for each of you, nor is it a synastry relationship analysis, which matches up the planets you each have natally with each other. For example, if you have your Sun in Aries at 16 degrees, and your partner's Sun is in Sagittarius at 12 degrees, you have a Sun trine Sun aspect according to your synastry chart, and that shows there is a very basic harmony and compatibility between the two of you.

But a synastry chart cannot do what a composite chart can do, and vice versa. A composite chart details the nature of the relationship your two charts have together as a blended entity, and it can give you tremendous insight into the very basic meaning of the relationship you have with the person you are blending your chart with. A composite chart will enable you to understand a lot of important concepts about how you relate to the person with whom you have the relationship. What are the positive aspects of the way your relationship exists with this person?

The power in Composite charts regarding Love relationships part 1

What are the challenges you need to be aware of, and deal with? Are there any weaknesses in your blended charts, or any pitfalls you might want to take note of, so that you can work on making your relationship stronger and more fulfilling? There is a world of information for you regarding the relationship you share with the people you are closest to.

The Composite Chart:

You will be able to get a new perspective about your interaction with the people you deal with and you can even check out relationships you had that didn't work out in the past, in an effort to gain new insight into why that might have happened. A composite chart will allow you to determine not just how you and your associate interact together, it will enable you to learn how the people around you view your relationship. You will also be able to judge the impact you are making on others.

If your composite Neptune is in your tenth house of how others view you, those people may not see the relationship you share with your loved one the same way you do. It's also true that not every relationship you have is a positive one, much as you might wish that were true. You may have an impossible boss or employer, and you could live next door to a very disagreeable neighbor, or have a sibling that causes you a lot of trouble, one way or another.

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By charting the energy between the two of you, you may be able to come up with ways to deal with these troublesome and difficult people in your life. At the very least, you may gain a good understanding of why you are unable to interact with them in a positive and life-affirming way. Ego issues may be involved, or there could be a lot of discordant Mars energy between you that leads to power and control issues, for example.

If blended Saturn sits heavily on your composite Sun with your sister that might be one reason why you feel so exasperated by her and her behavior. You may have a lot of authority issues between the two of you, and just knowing that may temper your interaction with her. At least it might be food for thought, and a bit of analysis.

A new world of astrological information awaits you and your close associates, and what's best of all, you can do the analysis yourself, if you are able to obtain your associates' birth information. Matching up the planets will take you a bit of time, but it can be a fun and enlightening experience, and one that will bring you a lot of insight into the true nature of your relationships, both intimate and professional. It can also give you insight into how you and your partner relate to each other, why you stay together, and perhaps, if you are looking at the composite chart for a relationship that failed, what caused you to part.

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Composite Charts; The Astrology of Relationships PDF

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