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Please guide the best nme number for the above date. Moon In Mula pada 3.

Nakshatra Finder - Calculate Your Birth Star & Rashi By Date of Birth

Ketu in Magha house number 4. I think, at this stage you should not go for numerology…. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Mivaan total 9 and mivaan sharma total is 7…. Good combination go ahead. Kindly provide your kind suggestions. Also, suggest me with what numerology numbers should I consider to keep his name.

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Nishant Sir kindly suggest me the suitable name and letters for my daughter.

Hi Sir, My daughter born on July Tirunelveli, Tamil nadu Kindly tell me the nakshatra and starting letters of his name. Dear sir, My son D. Dha, DA, Bhu , Keep the name like which first name total should come 3 or 9….. Dont keep name on number 8 becoz already saturn so strong in the chart. Hi SIr, My son D. Their Pyshic and Destiny numbers are 2. We would like to Keep name as per the numerology. Please let us know the same. Indu Lagna……etc You can use M letter for the name purpose as it comes under 5th sequence.

My daughter born on 6: Use the given the excel calculator at the end of post for name totaling…………. You can keep name other than janm rashi…… Use the given the excel calculator at the end of post for name totaling…………. Can you please suggest from which letter we have to keep name for baby, Please tell me. Hai sir my d. So please help me sir to get a good name as per numerology. So please help me sir to get a suitable name. Thank you sir and also please suggest some other names which is suitable. Kindly check your gmail id………….

Namaskram Andi iam from andhrapradesh my baby born in suggest me name sir pls. Sir my son is born on 8th April Place: Tumkur… please suggest which letter should i keep for him for a good future. Tumkur Please suggest her name is okay Latitude: My daughter born on 16th October , please suggest names to my daughter.

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You will have the authoritative power where you are working. You would have control and responsibilities over others. It will make you more responsible and active in brain.

Zodiac Sign Dates of Birth

You would do well in all forms of public life, no matter whatever the class it may be because you dont have any vanity regarding your prosperity and wealth. You are a great ambitious person but you dont like to show off this towards the others, even not to your parents. You will meet with considerable jealousy and opposition which will make many enemies in whatever your career may be. You are a person with firm determination. With the help of some of your good qualities and determining power you will able to achieve your own goal and succeed and it must be by your own effort.

You want to be a person with good name and fame. You will bring yourself good to the masses, more than to the individual. In contrast you will arouse hatred and malice in individual enemy and it may at time be in danger of your life from some sources. You will have the courage to carry out your own ideas and not to entrust too much to other. You may incline to bring your ideas into reality with full spirit, whatever your own view or opinion may be.

You are not a fortunate person because you will not have the much happiness in your married life because you have the luck to meet some members of your opposite gender who will look up to you as their mental superior. You are a work loving person. You will not spare yourself in whatever you set yourself to do and consequently at many periods of your life you will run the risk of complete nervous exhaustion.

You should aim for some form of public life as in such career you generally do best, such as in the government or in responsible position of control and management of others. You love to make friends. The persons, who are born on the months of January, March, and December, will be the good friends to you.

They will be very supportive to you too. But the persons, who are born on the months of February, April, and November, will not be your supportive friends. Even they may be your enemies. So be selective while you select your friends.

How to Calculate Your Numerology Birth Path

Some of your friends will exist through-out your life. Even you will achieve few favourable colleagues at your working places. There is a possibility that you may suffer from nervous breakdown and it will happen due to the excessive work pressure and irregular habit of food. So you need to be very much careful regarding the health of your health. You may also suffer from the stomach problems and it also due to the same reason that is your improper food system.

You need to preserve some of your energies for your later part of life. There is a possibility that you may have the problems related heart during the latter part of your life. Notification Center. Marriage marks an important transition in the life of every human.

Lucky color

Therefore every individual eagerly looks forward to his or her marriage. Also, since the marriage partner is to stay for the rest of the life with the person supporting through ups and downs, people are highly anxious of getting the right partner.

What does your birth number say about you? - Oneindia Malayalam

Know that marriage dates can plan an immense role in deciding the success of the marriage and what awaits you during your married life. So, it is important that you choose your marriage date after a good research.

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Here is the way how to choose your marriage date. Date of marriage and numerology Numerology guides us to choose the perfect date of marriage by date of birth. As per the general rule, dates 1 and 9 of every month are best dates to get married for all persons born on any date. Also, if the destiny number of the marriage date is 1 or 9 totaling all the digits in the given date then the date is suitable for marriage for all people. Calculate the destiny number. Best date of marriage as per numerology Destiny Number What it is Best date of marriage 1 1,10,19,28 Date with destiny number 1 2 2,20,29 Date with destiny number 1 or 7 3 3,12, 30 Date with destiny number 3 or 9 4 4,13,22 Date with destiny number 1 or 7 5 5,14,23 Date with destiny number 9 6 6,15,24 Date with destiny number 6 or 9 7 7,16,25 Date with destiny number 1 or 2 8 8,17,26 Date with destiny number 1 9 9,18,27 Date with destiny number 9,3 or 6.

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